Music By The Pound

crownrec-storybigMusic By The Pound: The Crown Records Story (40 min), is an independent documentary about an independent Los Angeles record label.  It made a rare appearance at the City of Angels Guitar Show, May 25, in Pasadena where it played with 18 minutes of Jerry Cole extras.

We are having a screening of Music By The Pound Thursday June 27 at 7PM near downtown Los Angeles.  If interested in attending please contact us at for further details.  

Music By The Pound tells the entire story of the Bihari Brothers’ Modern & Crown Records label, from recording classic blues and R&B in the late 1940s & ’50s to shlock budget LPs in the ’60s to its demise in 1982.  Featuring Wrecking Crew session guitarist Jerry Cole, boogie-woogie queen Hadda Brooks, sax pioneer Joe Houston, blues legend Jimmy McCracklin, Peter Bihari, Lester Bihari, legendary recording engineer Bill Lazerus and others.  Includes the latest info on the mysterious Fazzio covers.

2 thoughts on “Music By The Pound

  1. I’m a avid collector of crown records, I have 150 out of the nearly 650+ releases. I am no where near the place you are screening this documentary, and I wish could see it. I just found this blog and I imagine you guys know a lot more then anyone else, as you have talked to employees of the Crown label. This is awesome!

    1. Hi Andre,
      Let us know where you are and perhaps one day the piece will play near you. We’re just now starting to submit it to film festivals. I think we are up to 350 LPs or more but I lost count. Thanks for finding us!

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