Golden Tone LP = Crown/Cadet?

I’m staring at a cheapie Golden Tone Artie Shaw LP and an address pops out at me on the back:


Same address of the infamous Bihari record factory known as Cadet Records where Jerry Cole recorded under hundreds of pseudonyms.  Was Golden Tone just another Bihari label?  Maybe, as the GT LPs cover the Crown gamut including Hawaiian, swing bands, Ink Spots & Twist LPs.  Never heard anyone mention Golden Tone when I was interviewing Crown employees though Contessa was never mentioned and it was a two fold quality product apparently put out by Bihari in the psych era when Crown/Cadet was on its last legs.  Image

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2 thoughts on “Golden Tone LP = Crown/Cadet?

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks so much for your comment.Jules Bihari purchased the old Tops record plant at Normandie & Slauson in the 1960s where he continued to pump out budget LPs, adding more presses & a recording studio. At the time of my posting, I hadn’t read the Golden Tone history you referenced but later it made sense that the Normandie address would end up on the Gold Tone LP. –j

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