Irish McCulla Does The Latin Twist


Perhaps only once did Crown give credit to one of the sexy models posing for their flimsy cheese-cake LP covers.  That was the LP Latin Twist upon which 1950’s TV star & pin-up model Irish McCulla prances in front of a south seas back drop.  Ms. McCulla was TV’s Sheena, Queen of the Jungle as well as a model for pinup artist Alberto Vargas.  There are several website devote to Irish and even a wikipedia page.  Note sure anyone notes she stands alongside of Fazzio as one of Crown’s cover art mysteries.  The other credits on the back of the LP – Hobco Arts & Photography by Joseph Tauber are most likely pseudonyms for Bihari family members or other employees.  Jules B already used the name Taub as a fake song writing name to steal royalties from artists such as BB King.   Other Crown LP cover trivia: recording engineer Bill Lazerus photographed many of the covers (such as the Lowell Fulsom covers) under his own pseudonym Ron Joy.  Operations Manager James Takeda did his share of the cover art as well though often you can find his name intact.


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One thought on “Irish McCulla Does The Latin Twist

  1. Typical for Crown…they misspelled her name…it’s McCALLA. Irish also posed for Crown in an abbreviated version of her “Sheena” costume for their album MUSIC FOR BIG DAME HUNTERS, by “The Sound Of A Thousand Strings.”

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