Where Have All The Average People Gone?

averagepepsHave you ever wondered where all the average folks went?  Turns out Crown Records wondered the same thing back in 1970 with the release of this Nashville Scene LP.  Or is the LP by Bob Currie, since the cover credits both artists.  Well, artists may be too strong of a word.

This Crown was just handed over to me by my pal Duke who found it and a few others in the attic of a hoarder.  The record is sealed so I haven’t cracked it open yet.  Am I dumb enough to think a sealed Crown LP is worth any change?   Maybe, though the LP (CST 602) is missing from the online Modern/Crown discography bible at bsnpubs.com which leads me to believe it might be rare.  They list the LP’s number (CST 602) as Crown’s first in their late series of all stereo releases but have no other info about it.

Several years ago I stopped actively collecting Bihari Brothers LPs – Crowns, Moderns, Customs, etc.  With over 340 of these LPs shelved away in a closet, I figured I had enough to fill out the images for the Crown Records Story film…and so far I think I’m right.  A solid 40+ minute version of the story is complete.  It’s been screened several times here in Los Angeles and is currently being submitted to festivals.  It’s taken 10 years to get this far and sadly most of the people directly associated with the Biharis whom I interviewed have passed away.  Incredibly, though, I keep getting contacts to call, including a guy who worked on the Discos Corona label with engineer Bill Lazerus.  I’m calling him later this week and we’ll see what he has to add to the story.


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