Back Cover With Florette Bihari & John Marlo

JohnMarlo02How many times have you picked up an early Crown or Modern LP and read the back liner notes, that is when there are

liner notes to read.  The company wasn’t much for production credits but two names stand out because they appear so often: John Marlo as the author of the notes and Florette Bihari as cover designer.  Like Fazzio, John Marlo remains an elusive character.  Actually we know more about Fazzio;  at least he was a real person. The only trace of Marlo the writer that remains is on the back cover of these LPs.  No one we interviewed from the company recalls Marlo and there are no other writing credit to the name, on LP or anywhere. If you doubt us then google Marlo.

Florette Bihari was real though.  One of three Bihari sisters, her main job was gate-keeper & receptionist.  She sat at the top of the stairs over at Cadet Records on Normandie & Slauson, greeting artists who came demanding royalties & selling LPs under the table for pocket change.  As far graphic artist and LP cover designer, check out this outtakes from our film:


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