First Week Crown Wrap


CST 520

Day 2 was one of Crown’s better covers, a Command Records style percussion abstract by an unheard of artist:


CST 230

Day 3, an offering from the 60’s era where Jules would capitalize on a hit record to fool the public into buying his cheapie soundalike. Usually there was one hit but here there are three big hits. Rare that Jules would want to pay that much in licensing fees but then again maybe he didn’t bother…


CLP 5460

Day 4,  and rounding out the week of Crowns is one of the few Jerry Cole LPs to bear his name.  We gave  him our copy at the end of the interview, the only one of the many JC’s we displayed that he requested.


CST 553

Day 5 and rounding out week one of Crowns with another sealed country LP from the 60s, capitalizing on a hit song & movie, possibly to fool the public:

For daily doses of Crown covers check our Facebook every day in 2015.  We hope to get through our entire closet of Crowns.


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