What We Learned From A Week of Crowns

Posting a Crown LP per day has had a side effect–discovering minutia about the label we didn’t gain from hours & years of interviews & research, this from just paying close attention to the record in our hand.  Here’s a wrap up from last week:

Verve jazz cover artist/designer Sheldon Marks contributed at least one cover for Crown.

Photographer Frank Bez, known for iconic photos of 1960’s rock heroes and Playboy spreads, did at least one cover for Crown.

Americana song writer Stephen Foster died an alcoholic pauper with no rights to his music perhaps presaging the fate of some Bihari artists (like Roy Hawkins).

Hobco Arts, which received design credit for many of the Culver City Crowns in the era before Jules dispensed with liner notes, was a real company in El Segundo at 1722 Holly Ave (90245).  It was incorporated in 1959 by Norman E Phillips and since dissolved. So far, no other info about this company, Phillips or their relationship to the Biharis.

Stay tuned for news of what this week will bring…


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