Day 14: Dull Dull Dull

Today we dive deep into the nondescript & dull of Crown Records with words & music from the movie Gigi though don’t be fooled, this is not a movie soundtrack album. The LP is distinguished only by the monochromatic Crown logo which contradicts itself by proclaiming “Full Color High Fidelity.”

DSC04350Here’s more of what I learned about CLP 5064 from the Crown discography at the bible of internet discographies, Both Sides Now. What we see here is a reissue with a new cover. The original red vinyl pressing had a strange painting or chalk rendering of a girl plus liner notes crediting music to “Studio cast with Bernie Anders Orchestra.”  Bernie Anders’ only other credit is singing on a King single.

So why reissue Gigi with a different cover?  Did the first sell so well that Jules ran out of stock and thought this girl with the red lips would sell even more copies? Answers to the questions must remain conjecture because there’s no one left to ask.  The reissue lacks liner notes which makes me surmise that at some point Jules gave up all pretension that Crown was issuing real music and went full tilt low budget with generic back covers like all the rest of the budget labels.

Here’s a link to Both Sides Now:

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