A Couple More Crowns

On day 20 over on Facebook and I posted this early Crown of piano sideman Willard McDaniel’s “88” a la carte solo LP. Jules tries hard to go legit here in his packaging, somewhat emulating Chess jazz LPs with a nice photo cover and clean look on the back. Shocking for Jules, music credits abound including song writing & publishing. McDaniels turns out to be mostly a side man and was brought in to play piano for Roy Hawkins after a bad traffic accident left the brilliant song writer partially paralyzed.  McDaniels backed other blues & R&B artists like Roy Milton, BB King, T Bone Walker, etc. This may be his only solo effort though not sure.


CLP 5024

Day 21. Theme from Lawrence of Arabia. Music conducted by John Foster, his sole credits on the ‘net. Another cover photo by John Tauber. The secret of Tauber may be uncovered at some point through a connection I uncovered to the W.P. Bailey Agency which gets a credit for the cover along with Frank B. Smith. The gimmick here was to capitalize on the movie though no where is the word soundtrack used. Generic back. No reason to spin this disk.

lawrence                                                                     CST 348


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