Friday Crown Review


CLP 5264

Thirty Crowns later, we present Doye O’Dell, country & rockabilly artist who settled in Los Angeles by way of Texas. This LP consists of singles from the Sage & Sand label and research so far doesn’t reveal who licensed the cuts from whom. Regardless, Jules B showed good taste in country (as well as blues & jazz) by releasing the likes of O’Dell. Great cover photo with no credit plus a new version of O’Dell’s hit Diesel Smoke.


CLP 5175

Day 29. Another great sounding Crown blues LP (1960) with cool red saturated photo cover of Pee Wee Crayton playing a Fender Strat. Crown at its best.  Though born in Texas, Pee Wee spent much of his career in Los Angeles. Played a bit like T Bone Walker but had a louder, more raw edge to his playing. These cuts were recorded from 1948-1951 with various sidemen. Several were released as Modern singles and this was his first LP collection for the Biharis. Afterwards, Crayton moved on to Imperial and other small labels.  If you were lucky to be in LA in the early 1980s(like me) then  you could have seen him play in several south LA clubs.


CLP 5287

Day 28. A 1963 Roosevelt Sykes blues LP on Crown with an abstract, multi exposure cover photo, the second leased  from the NYC photo agency Shostal. The blues LPs are a reason many of us started collecting Crowns in the early days & this is exciting piano blues from the old school.

This LP first appeared on Crown in 1962 with notes by Josea Taubling.  Jose Taubling is an obvious a bastardized version of the name Jose Taub which Jules used as co-writer of his share of Bihari produced cuts, thus earning himself 50% royalties. All three Bihari brothers used pseudonyms to collect their share of the royalties, mostly ripping off their black artists. Though common in the era, this still doesn’t excuse the practice, especially for Jules who professed a love of his artists.  BB King was one of the few to sue the company and win.

CLP 5287  was recorded in Chicago with Chess sidemen Willie Dixon, Jump Jackson & Lee Jackson.  With such competition between the brothers Chess & Bihari, it’s amazing this LP ended up released on the west coast.


CLP 5478

Day 27 was not a good day for my Crown daily report. Undistinguished Pete Fountain LP from 1965. Cover art from the Crown cheesecake era. Doubtful Jules recorded Pete Fountain. Probably leased cuts, most public domain. Have to get thru the sludge to find the gems.


CST 312

Day 26 & let’s hit the waves with Surfer’s Beat. Jerry Cole claims credit for this sax heavy surf LP though who really knows.  It doesn’t sound like the typical Cole Crown guitar crazy surf/hot rod LPs for which he’s known. Credit for the cover goes to the classic surf film-maker Bruce Brown Films.


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