Friday Wrap Up


CST 452

Day 37. I end week 5 with this 1964 LP of Lerner & Lowe Favs. The country was fast heading into protest & counter culture,  and the Biharis fight back with cheesy cheesecake. Photo by George S. Whitman who did the front/back covers for Don McClean’s American Pie LP. He recently (2012) published an autobiography (available on Amazon) with a glowing endorsement by McClean. Whitman also designed the rather garish EP cover for the Beatles’ first US record on VJ Records before Capital signed them.  Whitman’s photograph above isn’t particularly artful though he does manage to position his model so sunlight highlights her chest, capturing the spirit of low budget cheapness.


CLP 5134

Day 36 presents a live 1959 show in Reno at the classic Holiday Casino (now remodeled into oblivion) with one of Jules B’s favorite big bands, Charlie Barnet. Hobco cover design, Joe Tauber photo & J Marlo notes on the back, all standard for this brief era when Crown was trying to look legit. I especially like the yellow cut out borders around Taub’s photos that I imagine were to represent the musicians bursting through the cover.


CLP 5203

Day 35: Joe Houston’s 1961 Wild Man of the Tenor Sax. Abstract Hobco cover & Marlo notes on the back. Houston had a long history of releases with Jules, from 78’s & all the way up thru the surf & twist eras. Houston appears in the documentary to talk about his affection for the Biharis and his work on the LPs.  Writer Jim Dawson does some great detective work on the Houston cuts for the British Ace Records release of a few year ago.


CLP 5352

Day 34. The Isley Brothers + Marvin & Johnny. Fazzio cover. It’s unclear when or if the Isleys actually  recorded for Jules though discographies vouch for the other two artists.  There’s no reason not to love the Fazzio cover.

beetles copy

CST 399

Day 33: Let’s start the week off right with Do The Beetle (1963), a fake Beatles disk with one authentic Beatle cover plus 9 other “beetle” tunes such as my favorite “30 LB. Beetle” or perhaps you’d prefer “Little Brown Beetle.” There are some interesting sounds on several of the cuts which Jerry Cole takes credit for. A Crown LP worth having in your collection. The next Crown release was by Dave Clark, another LP with interesting sounds also attributed to JC.


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