Weekend Update


CLP 5082

Day 39 & a perfect day for a Sunday parade led by the Elkhart Military Marching Band as seen & heard on this moldy LP. Front cover photo by H. Armstrong Roberts, the father of stock photography who created the first stock photography company, RobertStock, and whose son and grandson shared his name and contributed to the company. Hobco created the cover design, Frank Evans wrote the liner notes. Like many LPs in the Crown catalogue, the appeal of this LP can not be explained.


CST 219

Day 38. Sounds of A Thousand Strings…the Bihari version of Alshire’s popular 101 Strings series. Despite the addition of 899 more strings, there’s no obvious commerical appeal here besides the dollar price tag. Note tape holding together all three sides, typical of Bihari’s cheap covers that were assembled at the edges with folded paper.  A little research reveals Karl Jergens was a pseudonym for legit German conductor Hans-Jurgen Walther. An interview here reveals Walther never knew where these recordings ended up.


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