A Week Of Love From Crown Records

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Crown Records Story!


CST 585

May this 1968 Crown offering put you in the proper romantic mood! Scratched into the vinyl around the label is CS 1066 (besides CST 585), indicating this might have been a Custom stereo release though it’s not listed in the Both Sides Now discography for Custom.


CLP 5323

Day 44. Real life rocker, one-time heart throb Tommy Roe sends hearts your way via this 1963 release. He shares the bill with Bobby Lee who sounds on record like Jerry Cole. Unsigned Fazzio cover. Tommy Roe continues to play shows; check his schedule on google.

LP Highlights: I Got A Girl is Tommy Roe as Buddy Holly imitator followed by several other real Tommy Roe singles.

Foreman is performed by a Jimmy Reed imitator complete with guitar and harp. At one point the band track almost completely drops out, and voices are heard for a moment after the tune ends. Side 1 concludes with Tommy Roe’s single Caveman though it’s poorly edited and starts abruptly in mid-verse.

The tracks on side 2 sound like Jerry Cole’s voice & guitar work. The best cuts are the opening track Nothing But Love and Run Don’t Walk.


CST 587

Day 43 and today’s Crown Valentine features bare shoulder & licensed tune from 1968.  A not-so-fascinating offer from the Fascinating Strings. Like all three fascinating strings discs this week, scratched into the vinyl is a second set of release numbers: CS 1067.


CLP 5511

Day 42 & the 3rd day of our Valentine tribute to Crown. From 1968, the Mexicali Brass ask: What Now My Love? At the time, Herb Albert asked Jules in court, why rip off my Tijuana Brass? Jules lost that lawsuit but not before he released over a dozen MB LPs. Recording engineer Bill Lazerus & Jerry Cole claim that all the Mexicali Brass cuts were the work of Maxwell Davis.

CST 202


CST 202

On Day 41, I went to see the gypsy who played me some love songs backed by 1000 strings, including the classic title, Hora Staccato. The cover photo on this 1960 LP appears as over saturated in person as it does here. The string arrangements on this LP have a kinda gypsy quality to them unlike the deadly dull string arrangements on the Fascinating Strings LPs.


CST 577

Day 40 & it’s the start of my Valentine week of love from Crown.  A 1968 release titled For Young Lovers by the Fascinating Strings. Side 1 is anchored by the copyrighted tune Be My Love (Mario Lanza)  & filled out by what sounds like waltzes. Side 2 is all generic string mood music

I bet no young lovers yesterday or  today would be fascinated by this 99 cent vinyl. As with the other Fascinating Strings LPs I listed this week, a second set of CS release numbers are scratched into the vinyl around the label.


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