Crowns Around Town

When Crown Records hit hard times, the B Brothers tried their hand at other crown businesses with varying degrees of success. Remnants of those crowns remain fading on the signs and sides of failed business across Los Angeles.  A few, like Crown Disposal, caught on and continue in the spirit of the original budget record label. Here are what remain of those original Crowns around town:

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2 thoughts on “Crowns Around Town

  1. Funny idea! Regal Cleaners is a direct swipe of the Hallmark Cards logo crown. (I oughta know, I worked for Hallmark 12 years!) The red crown with the mostly-missing Imperial sign looks like a copy of the Red Crown Gasoline (Standard Oil) signs I saw as a kid. I remember Crown-International Pictures too. Are any of these the actual sign on the Crown Records building?

    1. Hey Jeff, none of these Crowns are from the Normandie studio building. Not sure that building ever had a Crown logo. The name Cadet Records and the large circle (representing an LP record) were on the front of the building for many years. Your knowledge of Crown logos is excellent!

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