Week of Great Crown Jazz & Blues LPs

Here’s a round up of last week’s Crown LP cover postings starting with a collection of singles from jump blues artist Gene Phillips.


CLP 5375/1963

A 1963 LP of Gene Phillips singles mostly recorded 1947-1951. A great Fazzio cover with generic Crown catalogue listings on the back.

Phillips was a jump blues artist who didn’t transition well into R&B and rock.  If you like Joe Turner then GP may be your man thou nearly all the cuts here sound about the same. He was known for ribald lyrics including cuts on this LP such as Punkin Head (Fuckin Head), Big Legs & Fatso.

The cuts on this LP and many more by Gene Phillips on Modern/Crown have been reissued on Ace Records. Read more about Gene Phillips and order your own copy of the Ace reissue here.


CLP 5143/1960

Nicely done Hobco cover design on this early BB King compilation of singles, released when Crown & Modern were still emulating cover art from more prestigious jazz & blues labels like Blue Note. Back liner notes by John Marlo written in self-conscious, fake preacher style. Crown is already taking up half the back cover with current Crown catalogue listings.

This was BB’s greatest era when his solo guitar work was raw and loud, years before he perfected his more tasteful vibrato style featured on The Thrill Is Gone.

The LP has a great sound but if you can’t find a copy then buy any of the countless CDs that Ace & other companies have released from the master tapes.


CST 331/1963

These tracks were recorded in about 1954, and feature Maynard Ferguson on valve trombone. Many of the tracks were originally issue on the Pacific Records 10″ LP entitled Bud Shank and Three Trombones.  Was ready to check out a few of the great titles on this LP (Blues In The Surf & Have Blues Will Travel) that held much promise only to find the wrong Crown jazz LP inside the split cover.


CST 341/1963

West Coast Jazzz  drummer/band leader Chico Hamilon on drums with Paul Horn alto on sax. Cover photo credited to “Bill” Claxton. Great jazz LP that was later re-released on the Bihari ultra-budget label United Superior US 7802.


CLP 5310/1963

Another Crown LP by West Coast jazz band leader Chico Hamilton. This LP has been reissued by Ace in England, and you can read more about it here.  Cover photo credited to “Bill” Claxton, butcher job on the paste up by the Crown Records art department–looks like Hamilton’s death mask. Side men: Carson Smith on bass, Fred Katz on cello, Paul Horn on flute & clarinet, John Pisano on guitar.  Here’s a great track with Katz on cello and Pisano’s guitar featured in the final third of the piece.

The track “Lord Randell” on cover is spelled “Lord Randall” on the LP.  CLP 5306 scratched out on the vinyl and rewritten as 5310.  (CLP 5306 is the Roy Willing LP listed on a previous post.) Artful cello playing by Katz on the cut below.


CLP 5142/1959

Formed in the early 1930’s, the Ink Spots were originally comprised of Hoppy Jones, Deek Watson, Jerry Daniels and Charlie Fuqua.  They had over 30 hits in the 1940s. The group splintered by the 1950s when several versions toured & recorded, with Fuqua and Deek Watson leading separate Ink Spot units. More groups claiming the name Ink Spots continued to pop up thru the 1970s, most with no credentials. Bottom line: no one knows where or when these cuts were recorded or what incarnation of Inks they are.  What is known is that this is a dull sounding LP with all but two cuts being slow, mild crooning.

John Marlo writes the liner notes, claiming that these Ink Spots are recreating their 1940’s sound with Hoppy Jones on bass. Cover design credited to Charlie Meggs who has credit on several other Crowns (Peter Gunn) & at least one shlocky Capital release.


CLP 5181/1960

This Coleman Hawkins LP has been reissued on heavy vinyl by Pure Pleasure and you can read more about it here. Also, Ace Records has issued other Crown Hawkins cuts here with more info about the recordings.  Another company has also released the Hawkins cuts from this Crown LP & others on CD here, noting the music was record in NYC, 1960.  Obviously, different companies in different areas of the world own different rights to the Crown catalogue.  Here’s a hip track from this quality Crown Jazz release, Moodsville:


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