CLP 5038 1959 -61

Between 1959 and 1961, there were five Crown LPs released as CLP 5038 with identical covers but different tracks. This one has “Jan” scribed in vinyl trial off, perhaps the January release. Both Sides Now describes the cuts as knock offs of classic tunes though a few sound like the real deal, like the chipmunks song.  Here’s a remarkably atrocious version of One Night With You by an uncredited off key singer.  The original, One Night Of Sin, was written by Dave Bartholomew & you read about it here.  Elvis felt compelled to clean up the lyrics when he recorded it. Meanwhile, stare at the LP cover while enjoying the following rip:


CLP 5336/1963

Yes folks, this is the only time Jerry Cole and Richie Valens appeared together.  Even Jerry Cole didn’t have much of a reason for his name to be spelled with a K. In a rare Crown move, the cuts listed on the vinyl label actually credit either Kole or Richie Valens.  The Valens selections have appeared on countless other LPs and the Kole cuts are fairly dull.


CST 349/1963

Trini Lopez is still alive and promoting.  You can read about his current exploits at his website. This Crown includes his hit Sinner Man and several other tunes that were well played over the years.  One side, however, is the unknown Johnny Torres who sings with spare accompaniment.  Though Jerry Cole claims to be Johnny Torres, the audio evidence doesn’t support his claim.


CLP 5202/1961 –

More Oldies was first issued with a black cover, then with this white cover (you can see the black cover on the Both Sides Now Crown discography). It is what it says, more retreads of past singles from the RPM & Modern years…and the endless Bihari reissue machine was just getting started in 1961.


CLP 5063/1958

A couple dynamic, fast-paced BB King selections from 1956 here highlighting his early raw style of lead guitar that Clapton & other white kids so admired.  Ruby Lee is with Maxwell Davis, Early Morning is with another band.


CST 371/1963

Richard Berry, the original Mr. Louie Louie, was more of doo woo performer than rocker or R&B performer though I ripped a couple more upbeat numbers from this Crown LP.

He was the bass singer in the original Riot In Cell Block Number 9 by the Robins (later to be the Coasters) and that style of song & singing is featured in Next Time.  The story behind Louie Louie is told on his Wikipedia bio and else where so go search it out.  He also wrote Have Love Will Travel popularized by The Sonics on their early LP.  Though he signed away the rights to Louie Louie to pay for his wedding, his story has a Hollywood ending as told here (from Wikipedia):

“In the mid eighties Berry was living on welfare at his mother’s house in South Central L.A.. Drinks company California Cooler wanted to use “Louie Louie” in a commercial, but discovered they needed Berry’s signature to use it. They asked the Artists’ Rights society to locate him, and a lawyer visited Berry. The lawyer mentioned the possibility of Berry taking action to gain the rights to his song. The publishers settled out of court, making Berry a millionaire.[8]”


CLP 5145/1959

Covered the Jesse Belvin story in a previous blog entry and this LP has most of his famous hits though the uncharacteristic hard hitting, upbeat tune I’ll Mess You Up is included below with the mean-spirited chorus: “I’ll mess you up, I’ll hurt you bad, I laugh and joke but baby I don’t play.”


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