Crown Gives A Hoot!

There’s a good story about how a Crown folkie LP like any of the following might have been recorded by the company here. Read it!


CST 231/1961

A decent Kingston Trio imitation group that’s duller and less exciting than the original group. All public domain tunes. None worth hearing.


CLP 5386/1963

Compilation LP of all these Crown folk LPs and more. Five tunes per side. Here’s a decent blue grass standard (Shady Grove). It may be performed by Paul Sykes though listing on label is not conclusive.


CLP 5322/1963

So who the hell was folk singer Billy Sherman? Perhaps Allan Sherman’s more serious minded, folk singing brother?  LP is standard folk singing from the era with bass & lead guitar accompaniment.  Sound quality is bad and Sherman’s voice is annoying as he attempts various accents on different folk standards.  Not worth a listen.


CLP 5351/1953

Besides the Scotsdale Squirrels, another Crown folk group we know something about is The Hootenairs whose members are listened on the BSN discography as Mason Williams, Marilyn Powell, Jack Powell, and Ed Douglas. Mason Williams is well known for the hit record Classical Gas which was NOT released on Crown. 

The music on More Hootenanny is good old coffee shop folk music from the 1960s with pleasant harmonies and solid banjo, dulcimer, guitar & stand up bass accompaniment. Typical is the following public domain tune, Whoa Mule:


CST 328/1963

Another decent folk group which we know nothing about.  Probably played in area coffee shops.  Not worth a listen.


CLP 5377/1963

Jim Helms plays satisfactory 12 string instrumentals on this Crown LP. The recording is shoddy with distorted percussion and under recorded guitar.  Helms may be the same session guitarist who played on a Frank Zappa LP.  Nothing else is known about him.   Here’s VooDoo Blues from the LP:


CLP 5326/1963

This LP could be called Famous & Dull Public Domain Folk Songs.  Campos & Hansen were folk singers from the 1960s who are mentioned at this website as performing in Santa Barabara back in the day.  Not much here of interest.


CST 391/1963

Another compilation volume taken from the Crown folk LPs.  Here the Scottsville Squirrel Barkers perform Walking Cane, their recording session detailed in the link above.

Here’s a tune from 12 stringer Jim Helms that also appears on his LP. The distortion of the pressing is so high that it sounds like Helms is playing an electric guitar.


CLP 5279/1962

Another fake Kingston Trio. The folk tunes here have more energy and are better recorded than some of the LPs in this posting but it’s still not work a listen.

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