Five Dixies + One Organ

Scraping the bottom of my closet I come up with a handful of Crown dixieland LPs and one final Crown organ record. Most covers feature the same six guys faking their instrument playing, including several Bihari brothers (Jules & Saul), the Bihari account and a couple other employees.


CST 172/1959

Volume 3 lists the band members on the front including Crown/Modern regular Red Callender, big band drummer Nick Fatool, jazz guitarist Allan Reuss, New Orleans tenor sax player Eddie Miller, pioneering jazz percussionist & wrecking crew member Milt Holland plus others.


CST 263/1962*

Vol 7 is remarkable only for how many public domain tunes are on the LP including Little Brown Jug, Oh Suzanna, Auld Lang Syne, Hail Hail The Gangs All Here and (as Crown loves to state) many others! My copy is mint. Never played.  No surprise.


CLP 5200/1961

Vol. 5 is an earlier Crown blessed with back cover liner notes by John Marlo boosting of some of the same artists playing on Vol. 3. Like all the K of D LPs, public domain tunes abound.  Note that this dixieland LP was issued three times under three titles:

DixieLandLove     BestOfDixie

                                  CST 442/1964                                                     CLP 5464/1965

Dixieland I Just Love You & The Best of Dixie! are identical to Kings of Dixie Vol. 5 above, so identical that CLP 5464 has CLP 5200 scratched out on the vinyl trail-out, replaced by CLP 5464. CST 442 used a new stamper as there’s no evidence of scratched out older numbers.


CST 151/1959

Like dixieland, organ LPs were a staple of the budget record business & CST 151 even shares Dark Eyes with the 3 identical dixieland LPs above.  Uncredited liner notes with photography by Ron Vogel & cover design by Rosentswieg, both discussed in previous entries.


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