The Last Few Crowns Left


CST 168/1959

Marlo liner notes creates a political & artistic timeline starting in 1943 that leads directly to the Sound of Music in 1959. Photography credits 3 Lions Inc (NYC), Hoboco Arts design (El Segundo, CA) and recording in NYC.  Dropped the needle on several cuts and heard nothing remarkable.


CLP 5361/1963

No liner notes on this Dave Brubeck LP with Cover Design credit to FB Smith Jr at the W. Paul Bailey Ad & Design firm in Culver City, CA., where Crown’s first studio was located.  Many early Crown covers carry this cover design credit & I scouted down FB Smith via an old design website but he declined to be interviewed for my documentary, stating these were cheapie jobs and he didn’t recall the covers.  This might be a Wm Claxton cover photo but there’s no credit for the shot.  No vinyl in split cover so no comments on music or sound quality.


CLP 5277/1962

Sun recording rockabilly artist Billy Lee Riley, who had early hits with Red Hot & Flying Saucer Rock & Roll and eventually became a much recorded session musician, is featured here on acoustic blues harmonica backed by a small blues combo–all cuts instrumentals. There’s a great bio of Billy Lee Riley in his own words here that reveals he recorded six LPs in Los Angeles including this one for Crown.  LP has excellent sound quality. The playing is subdued but worth a listen.


CLP 5537/1967

Pete Fountain and more Kings of Dixie.  Do we care? Does anyone care?


CST 144/June 1958

Kinda interesting polka dot cover featuring greatest hits from the Inks. True stereo recording with voice on one track, band & backing on the other. We Three was a hit by Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey in 1940, same year it was first recorded by the Ink Spots. Doubtful this true stereo version dates from 1940.

Ray vs Jimmy

CST 303/1963

The original four first cuts recorded by Ray Charles in either Florida or Los Angeles in a Nat King Cole style, before he found his voice on Atlantic. These cuts have been released on countless other labels. Majority of the cuts here are Jimmy Witherspoon in a jump blues/shouter mood. Enhanced fake stereo is distorted and crappy sounding.


One thought on “The Last Few Crowns Left

  1. I bought the Dave Brubeck album strictly because of the cover. Maybe FB Smith Jr feels these were cheapie jobs, but I like the Sunset Red color behind Dave and I think it’s a lot better than a pretty horrible cover I saw where an artist did a puke-inducing “painting” of Dave Brubeck. As far as the music- well it sounds kinda like someone set up a portable cassette recorder on the far side of the concert hall…the VERY far side.

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