Five Glen Millers + three Fake Mitch Miller



Blank vinyl surrounding label has second set of release numbers scratched in, LPM-1218, which doesn’t match any Bihari label release codes but is close to the LMP-1200 series noted on the BSN site as Modern’s first 12 inch release.

“Music made famous by Glen Miller” but there is  no credit given to musicians or band leader.  On back, liner notes plus credits for Art Direction & Production by Florette Bihari. Capri pants & sweater by Jax of Bev Hills.


CLP5050/Dec 1957

BSN discography credits Maxwell Davis as conductor/arranger but no such credit exists on LP or record label.  Printed on front cover: “Recorded in Hollywood by members of the Miller orchestra.”


CLP 5073/1958

Same cover as 5026 but the two LPs share only 3 song titles despite claim on BSN discography that 5073 is a reissue of CLP 5026.


CLP 5123/1959

More Glenn Miller. Liner notes by Frank Evans indicate band is led by Ray McKinley, a drummer and good friend of Miller’s who led the band after Miller’s death. Cover design credited to Rosentswieg.



Even more Glenn Miller though only tune shared by other LPs is Sting of Pearls.  



Twenty-six short verse singalong songs, 13 per side, apparently to capitalize on the Mitch Miller LPs popular at the time.



Party songs with double entendre, semi risqué themes and words that might rhyme with dirty lyrics. Nothing special here.



Great panoramic sketch of characters, otherwise, more sing-songy sing-a-longs by the Sing-A-Long gang.


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