Tributes, Toasts & Salutes…the final Crowns in the closet.

I’m nearly out of Crowns in the closet and am down to a few big band comps and miscellaneous treasures.  The following big band LPs span the Crown years, from 1957 to 1966. The first year Crowns (CLP 5000’s) have liner notes & credits, the rest mostly generic backs.  The cover designs are stagey and hokey, like the dark skinned model on Charlie Barnet’s tribute LP Cherokee. The 1960 Woody Herman LP has the best cover of the lot, a cool color photo of Herman and the band recording.


CST 134/1959

Artie Shaw’s blue cover somehow rendered the usually colorful Crown logo black & white.  This is a red vinyl, early Crown stereo pressing. Frank Evan liner notes, photography by Ron Vogel and cover by Charles Meggs.  Maxwell Davis conducting.


CLP 5047/June 1957

Maxwell Davis arranging & conducting a smaller band than above. Extensive back cover with liner notes, song titles & descriptions plus musicians’ names. Cover photo by Ron Vogul & cover assembly credited to TRI ARTS.


CLP 5090/CST 121/1958

Frank Evans’ liner notes, musicians’ names and cover by HobCo.  There’s a curious postage stamp-like image on the front that appears on several other of the big band Crowns.


CLP 5531/1966

A later day Crown big band with the new Crown logo.


CLP 5183/1960

The most interesting LP on this posting is Chubby Jackson’s band featuring Sam The Man Taylor & several kooky cuts including Beatnick (sp) Baby and I’m The Laziest Chick In Town. Spirited liner notes by John Marlo mention “Joe Bihari (Crown Records’ Recording Director) coming to NYC to supervise the recording session. Photo & cover by Burt Goldblatt, a prolific jazz LP cover designer; Goldblatt’s NYTimes obit has more info about this artist.


CLP 5072/1958


CST 128/1959


CLP 5180/1960

Informative liner notes by John Marlo, recording in Chicago’s famed Universal Recorders, cover design by Crown’s go-to firm until they went in-house, Hobco Arts.

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