Crown Records Recalls JFK on Anniversary of his Assasination

Crown & other budget labels jumped on the JFK tribute band wagon  following his assassination. In Crown’s case, they copied the cover of a 11/28/1963 release by Premier Records in NYC so closely that they were sued & lost.


CLP 5397 /12-13-1963

Back of LP is the same photo of JFK but with blue BG. In an oddball coincidence, the JFK tribute vinyl inside the sleeve is not a Crown LP but from Pickwick’s budget label Design.

Earlier in the JFK term, the Bihari label Kent released a copy-cat LP of the immensely popular 1962 First Family comedy release by Bob Booker, Earle Doud, George Foster and comedian Vaughn Meader impersonating JFK. Of course Kent wasn’t the only label to attempt to cash in on the success of First Family but who’s to declare which LP (the original or the many copies) was truly funny?

There is scant detail of the Kent catalog on the Both Sides Now pages so any info about this release (including date)  will have to wait.



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