Xmas With Crown Records

Merry Christmas from my collection of Crown Records starting with Brother Henderson’s Soul Christmas (on Kent but what the heck).


KST 573/around 1973

The black Santa on the cover is a fake–it’s a white Santa in black face. This same photo featuring the white Santa is on a 1963 Johnny Cole/Robert Evans Chorus Xmas Crown LP.

Everything known about this LP is at this blog site I’m Learning To Share including all the tracks. Enjoy!



CST 1/1958

This is start of the Crown Stereo CST series, the first releases of which were on Xmas LPs pressed on red vinyl (the first pressings only). The tacky cover on #1 features a cheap looking miniature set with ornaments purchased at the local Five & Dime. The dolls appear to be made from pipe cleaners.



CST 2/1962

CST 2 (1962) is a reissue of CST 3 below (1960).  Dates & numbering make no sense though maybe the listing at BSN’s discography is wrong. Cover features a bad photo of cheap looking Christmas decorations.



CST 3/1960 – Same as LP above.

The graphics of Christmas tree ornaments on #3 cover are inventive and the printing is of better quality than the other LPs in this series. This is the best cover of the series.


CST 4/1960

On par with the worst of the cheap looking Crown Christmas covers.


CST 164/1959

Like CST 3, this cover is of better quality printing than the others with a glossy, foil-like finish. Wonder if anyone actually filled out the cover card and gave it as a gift? Purchased at the old Rhino Records shop on Westward Blvd in Los Angeles.


CST 165/1959

The cheapest looking  Christmas cover of the series. A crafting experiment gone bad.

The following three Crown organ & chimes Xmas LPs feature a lot of the same tracks.  No surprise here.


CMX 80

Both Sides Now discography does not list the CMX series so dates are unknown.

The above snow capped cabin may be a Christmas landmark somewhere in the mountains near Los Angeles.


CLP 5086/Nov 1958

An attempt was made here to set design and light a decent Christmas scene of candy cane dolls with snowy background. Not great but not as scary and cheap looking as others in the CST series.


CMX 700/No Date Available

How better to spend Christmas Eve than listening to Xmas songs Mexicali Brass style:


CLP 5545/1967


CMX 1000/No Date Available

Would  it be possible for this model to expose more of her cleavage? Credit on front reads “Props by Mr. Christmas, Inc.,” a company that has been serving everyone’s Christmas holiday needs since 1933. Read more about the company via the link.



2 thoughts on “Xmas With Crown Records

  1. Ivan Ditmars, the organist on Crown’s “Joy To The World” album, was an old pro in radio and TV. He led a small combo (organ, guitar and drums, if I recall) for years on the game show “Let’s Make A Deal,” played on soap operas (I think “General Hospital” was one,) and provided the music for the cult-favorite TV cartoon series “Roger Ramjet.”

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