The Final Four Crown LPs

It seems like I’m always finding another stray Crown LP or two but now I’ve finally emptied the closet and these are definitely my final 4 Crowns.



CLP 5546/1967

A typical Mexicali Brass LP with many of the selections appearing on other Mex Brass LPs save for the title tune playable below. The Green Hornet/Flight of the Bumble Bee track lacks much life as the organ playing lead is mixed down and there’s no guitar. Even so, the track is a refreshing change from the series’ concentration on Tijuana Brass covers and public domain tunes.

Best feature of this LP is the cover’s graphic design with bold green style & dominating Green Hornet lettering. The provocative photo looks like the masked gunman is trying to take advantage of his hand placement near the model’s chest while her forced smile and hand barely touching his seems to be saying she’s ready to get out of this modeling arrangement ASAP.


CLP 5005/1957

This fifth Crown release is a reissue of Modern LP 1205 in which you can see MM 1205 still scratched in the blank vinyl around the label. As was normal operating procedure in the Bihari budget record business, they just reused the master stamper on reissues, reselling the same LP on a different label just to increase sales. Tough luck if you already bought the LP earlier in the year under a different title, on a different label & with a different cover. Luckily for the buyer here, these early Crowns share covers and backs with the Modern releases  (but that was about to stop after the short-lived Modern LP catalogue was reissued).

No credit is given for the dreamy cover photo mix of black & white and color. Sister Florette B is given credit for art direction and production though no one at the company I spoke with said she actually held that position, it was just a way to keep salaries in the family.

Limited liner notes claim the don/dick/jimmy trio toured Canada & the US plus made multiple TV appearances. The musicians are identified as Jimmy Cook on lead vocals & Spanish guitar, Dick Rock on tenor & stand up bass, Don Sutton singing baritone & playing piano.

The music is tepid harmonizing backed by low key instrumentation, a real dull musical affair to be sure.What’s surprising then is to find this article in The Milwaukee Journal (dated April 27, 1955) that the trio was tossed out of a Milwaukee club after insulting patrons & the owner. Stranger still is that the club is named Fazio – one Z off from Crown’s legendary & mysterious thrift store cover artist Fazzio!  Read the facts of the case below:

Viennese Waltzes

CLP 5125/1959

Familiar sounding waltzes. Nothing more, nothing less.  Frank Evans liner notes. Cover design by Rosentsweig. Photo by Art Messick, a name that brought up nothing in a Google search.

CockTails4Two copy

CST 126/CLP 5095/March 1959

Ridiculous but fun martini couple on cover, against a plain blue backdrop with the gal wearing a tiara of sorts and the guy looking stiff & too old for her. Generic catalogue-listing back with no liner notes, no credits.  We’ve heard Louis Martinelli & his Continentals in a previous blog entry where a few cuts actually sounded lounge-y & fun.  Despite the fun cover, however, this is LP is strictly dull.


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