Crown Records Were Always A Bargain

No need for Black Friday or Cyber Monday for the Crown Records collector. They’ve always been on sale!SurfersB


2 thoughts on “Crown Records Were Always A Bargain

  1. Your site has launched me onto a very surprising path: collecting Crown Records albums! One search leads to another, leads to another and so on and I came across your page. The fact that your page is about Crown albums registered because I have had a Crown album in my collection since I was a kid: “Once A Day- Red Rhodes And The Road Runners” My dad played guitar and would collect albums by Chet Atkins, B.B. King and various Country and Blues guitarists. I was probably only about 3 when he picked up this Red Rhodes album, but I remember how much I liked hearing it. In fact, somehow, through several moves and multiple “purges” of albums I had lost interest in, this one has stayed in my collection over some 47 years! The album cover itself had disappeared probably a few weeks after my dad bought it, but amazingly, the album itself still plays pretty well.

    Your site has triggered an interest in Crown albums. So far, I’ve picked up two: “If I Didn’t Care-The Ink Spots” CST 448 Stereo and “Charlie Barnet Presents A Tribute To Harry James” CST146 Stereo. I’ll be playing them tonight before I go to bed- (is that a safe thing?)

    I really am enjoying your posts!

    1. Hi Mark, thanks so much for your comment! Red Rhodes recorded several LPs for Crown & was in the house band at the famed Palomino Club in the LA Valley where he backed many famous C/W stars. Red was a good pal of Jerry Cole, the session guitarist who produced & recorded many LPs for Crown in the 1960’s under a variety of names including his own. Jerry Cole appears in my Crown Records doc Music By The Pound. I hope one day that it will be distributed and collectors like yourself will be able to hear from the people & musicians who worked at Crown. Your Dad probably had BB King on Crown as well! Thanks for your interest in this blog. –jerold

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