Sutton Budget Label


I heard rumors that the Sutton budget label was a Bihari subsidiary but never found references to the Biharis on any Sutton LPs though the Sutton labels have a similar appearance to the later light grey Crown labels. It wasn’t until I found the cover of this Crown LP peeling off that I found a connection, revealing a Sutton LP beneath a Crown LP out of their pre-Normandie La Cienega plant. DSC08213.JPG

So how would have this come about? Impossible to know but there’s a clue in this March 2, 1963 announcement in Billboard that Sutton was being launched by the former president of Tops Records, Bob Blythe. As we know, Jules bought the  Tops record facility on Normandie about 1965 & immediately started producing Crowns & all the later Bihari budget reissue labels. So perhaps Sutton LPs were left lying around the Normandie plant when Jules moved in & he decided to recycle them into Crowns. But then he’d also  have to be recycling labels from the old La Cienega plant.


Perhaps interesting to label fanatics, the Sutton Label is not referenced in the online bible of indie labels Both Sides Now, neither as an indie label nor as part of the Tops Story. However, as a reader pointed out, there’s a decent Sutton discography on Discogs. Curiously, the Sutton Erotic Percussion LP used as the foundation of the Crown LP above is not listed in the discography & the Sutton LP (SU 208) number references a different LP!



4 thoughts on “Sutton Budget Label

  1. Suggest that since Jules bought Bob Blythe’s pressing facility, maybe Blythe contracted with Jules to manufacture his Sutton, Tiara label releases.

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