$1 Thrift Store Crown

Found in Echo Park. Never saw this one: Honky Tonkin’ with Barrel Fingers Barry from 1966. However, turns out it’s a reissue of 1958 CST 120 (on red vinyl) attributed to The Crazy Guy, an LP I wrote about here.

Honky Tonkin’ CST 502 is struck from the same metal master as Honky Tonk Piano Volume 2 CST 120 (proof being you can see the original issue number scratched out, replaced by the new issue number etched in on the blank vinyl around the label).

It’s a mystery who at Crown would make the decision to reissue a pizza parlor piano LP in 1966, about the same time Jerry Cole was cranking out C/W & hot rod instro LPs – maybe Shakey’s Pizza was popular.

CST 120                                         CST 502


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