Cha Cha Cha B B King!

This Modern LP contains Cha Cha Cha cover versions of BB KIng’s Woke Up This Morning, Teen Queens’ Eddie My Love & Marvin & Johnny’s Cherry Pie! Cover Designer James Takeda appears in Music By The Pound. Upcoming screenings in April (Bishop, CA) & May (San Diego).

This is not the Crown version of the Jose Martinez Cha Cha Cha Modern LP noted above though the cover is a reworking of the Modern cover.


However, Modern CST 812 is a reissue of Crown CLP-5138/CST-171 seen below – a reversal of the usual order of Crown reissuing LPs originally on Modern.  Note that the Modern & Crown LPs are attributed to different artists when in fact they are the same LP.


The cover art on Modern CST 812 also appears in Modern MLP-7015/MST-815 – Heart of Spain – Golden Strings [1961]. I don’t have this LP in my archives but you fan take a look at it at the BSN discography for Modern.


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