Animated Egg is Jerry Cole

Jerry Cole, who’s featured predominately in the Crown Records story as told in Music By The Pound, jumped the Bihari ship in 1967 to record as Animated Egg for the budget Somerset Label, an Alshire production ( 101 Strings) manufactured by Budget Sound in Burbank, CA. Compared to his earlier intense fuzz Crown psyche/hot rod efforts, Animated Egg is a tighter psychedelic band with more players and more complex arrangements. Ironically, some of the Animated Egg tapes may have ended up back at the Bihari factory & released on several now rare Custom label psyche LPs.


Jerry Cole’s Animated Egg cuts  reissued on Sundazed vinyl.  Also, check the Sundazed and Ace Records catalogues for other Jerry Cole reissues.

Meanwhile, Jules Bihari ripped off Alshire when he created Crown’s Sounds of a 1000 Strings records:

BackCrown005 copy




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