Biharis Rip Off Mitch Miller

My tribute to the Bihari Singalong LPs with bouncing ball lyrics:


Bouncing ball singalong cartoons first appeared in 1924 with an early Fleischer Brothers Car-Tunes series that played in select theaters until 1926 with a pre-Jazz Singer Phonofilm sound-on-film process.

In 1929, the Fleischers signed a contract with Paramount Pictures and started producing new bouncing ball cartoons renamed Screen Songs and using the Western Electric sound-on-film process. These animated shorts soon began featuring famous musicians at the time including Cab Calloway & the Mills Brothers and continued thru the swing era until 1938.  After the Fleischers declared bankruptcy in 1945 & broke up as team due to their increasingly acrimonious relationship, Paramount revived the bouncing ball shorts in color under Famous Studios (using many of the Fleischer’s artists & staff) which continued until 1951.

The Bihari Singalong LPs are direct rip offs of the popular Mitch Miller and the Gang LPs released by Columbia Records starting in the early 1950s. The Biharis copied the look and sound (male chorus) of the Mitch Miller LPs, including typeface & engraved-like images that accompany song titles on the covers of several of their LPs. Mitch Miller included printed song lyrics inside the sleeves his recordings, something that budget conscious Biharis would never do. But then the Biharis released a singalong LP of raunchy tunes, something squeaky clean Mitch would never allow!


Bihari Copy Cat vs Mitch Miller Original

In the early 1960s, Mitch Miller capitalized on his record sales with a popular TV showbased on the same singalong format as the records, adding singalong scrolling lyrics but no bouncing ball.



Most of this information was taken from several  Wikipedia pages.

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