Overlapping Districts for Crown Locale

Two old obscure Los Angeles districts overlap where the Crown factory at 5810 So Normandie remains located today.


ChesterfieldSq3A sign for Chesterfield Square is right out front of the building. It’s a large district known for the highest violent crime rate in LA city & country.  In 1912, the land was bought & named by the List Brothers though the origin of the name remains a mystery. The land was soon subdivided into neighborhoods with roads, freight & passenger rail lines added. By the end of the 1960s, Chesterfield Square was overwhelmed by violent gangs. The Grim Reaper serial killer started his reign in the area. You can learn more about Chesterfield Square from this blog entry.

There’s another Chesterfield Square sign (in the distance) looking west on the rail line that runs parallel to Slauson:Rail2

Here’s the rail line looking east, running between the Crown building & Slauson:Raillines1.jpg

Right down the rail line from Crown is this sign: wildasin2

Wildasin is named after John Wildasin who settled in the area with his wife in 1884, creating a 40 acre farm & raising 3 spinster daughters. By the 1930’s, light industry was replacing the farms. By the 1960s, the area had grown poorer & crime-ridden, a perfect setting for a budget record making factory! You can learn much more about Wildasin at this blog entry.



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