Music By The Pound: The Crown Records Documentary

Looking for our next screening venue. Contact me here if interested in our free road show presentation of Music By The Pound, the story of Crown Records.

Music By The Pound: The Crown Records Story (45 min), an independent documentary about a Mom & Pop Los Angeles record label (1945-1978).

crownrec-storybigMusic By The Pound features Wrecking Crew session guitarist Jerry Cole, boogie-woogie piano queen Hadda Brooks, sax pioneer Joe Houston, blues legend Jimmy McCracklin, Peter Bihari (son of Jules Bihari), the voice of Lester Bihari, legendary recording engineer Bill Lazerus and others.  Includes the latest info on the mysterious Fazzio covers.

Produced, Directed, Edited by Jerold Kress
Co-Produced by David Madsen
Principal Photography: Ralph Q. Smith

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7 thoughts on “Music By The Pound: The Crown Records Documentary

  1. Can someone please tell me who the black cover model is on 6 Crown blues lp’s….I’m sure it’s the same woman. She models on Smokey Hogg LP / Elmore James / Hopkins / Hooker / Wolf / and “Blues in my Heart” (on Riveria). Much appreciated

    1. Hi Bob, Two of the covers credit NYC agencies that you can google for more info, otherwise I have no leads on the model or models who posed for the covers. Maybe someone else has an idea.

  2. Does anyone have any information on 1950’s and 1960’s singer and Crown Superstar Johnny Cole who also went by Johnny Kay and Johnny Kaye? Apparently these were stage names but it is cited on other websites that he was born as John Kaminsky about 1931 in Chicago. I wonder what ever happened to him? He sang on a lot of Christmas records, a few Italian records and a record of hymns and an album called “Como Esta.” He also sang a popular Christmas song called “A Christmas Love.” He sounds just like (or better in my opinion) Perry Como. Please share any information as I (along with multitudes of others) would like to know what happened to him.

    1. Hi Dean,
      Thanks for your comment. You may know more about Johnny Cole than anyone alive. The only additional info I could find is on a Johnny Kay tribute Facebook page but I’m sure you know about that. Everyone I interviewed for my documentary has long since passed so there’s no one for me to ask. Maybe someone else knows. Best of luck!

  3. I see no mention of United Superior Records (United Superior / United Records / United) here, although it was one of the sub-labels of Modern Records and another of the Bihari companies. Do you have any info or know where to find anything on this label as well? Thanks!

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your note. The United & United/Superior labels are noted in the collection of labels under the menu tab “Bihari Labels.” From what I understand, the United & United/Superior LPs were reissues of the Crown & Modern LPs, often using the same masters. More info on the labels can be found here: The folks I interviewed for my documentary all worked for the Biharis during the Modern & Crown eras when most of the original material was recorded. Though I have a lot of United & United/Superior LPs in my collection, my goal is to spend a year going through all the Crown budget LPs that I’ve collected, thus I probably won’t be writing about the United/Superior line. Hope I’ve answered your question. –truly jerold K

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