Looking for our next screening venue. Contact me here if interested in our free road show presentation of Music By The Pound, the story of Crown Records.


NEXT SCREENING: May 22, 2017:  Teros Gallery in San Diego, sponsored by Rare Folk Art Records, 3888 Swift Ave, San Diego, CA 92104

Pre-Record Store Day Screening (April 21, 2017: 7 PM) at The Project Room at Independent Project Press, 186A Willow Street, Bishop, CA 93514  Fun, responsive crowd in The Project Room, crammed in amidst old printing presses.   Awesome display of 1960’s psyche & pop LPs. Thanks to host Bruce & his wife Karen!



Great screening in Oakland, CA. March 9, Thursday, 7pm. Stranded Records14 Glen Ave, Oakland, CA 94611. Many fans of the label plus grandson of Saul Bihari, Daniel Bihari.

Contact me if interested in screening Music By The Pound in your record store. Especially relevant if you have a bargain bin vinyl section. I can bring all the equipment necessary to screen the doc at your site.


2016 screening at Freakbeat Records in Sherman Oaks, CA.