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5 thoughts on “The Labels

  1. I’d like to add another label to your list: ARA/American Recording Artists; which operated from Crown’s address, and packaged at least 3 “box sets” of Mariachi Brass LPS; along with sets of Hawaiian, Dixieland, country, classical, guitar, pipe organ, and kiddie music.

    I have pix of an ARA label and address to send you; where may I email them?

  2. I am the publisher for the Jimmy McCracklin Estate. The heir is Sue Linnette McCracklin. I am researching the recording activities of the late Jimmy McCracklin. I am interested in knowing if you have any information on recordings by Jimmy McCracklin on any of the labels you track. I may be reached at 510-730-0011, or 323-979-6093. Or via email at I look forward to your response. Cheryle Neal Reed, Publisher, Neal Reed Worldwide.

    P.S. I absolutely love your site. Keep up the important work you are doing. ABCNR.

    1. Hi Neal, Sorry for the late reply. As you probably know, Jimmy McCracklin recorded on various labels, sometimes under different names. Though a lot of his material was released by the Biharis, JM also recorded for Chess and many small indie labels, especially in Oakland. He worked closely with Bob Geddis. All the Bihari material is controlled in England & parts of Europe by Ace Records. The US rights are owned by Universal Music (I believe). Not sure how much of the rights JM kept himself though maybe you know. I interviewed him back in 2008. It was quite an experience. Much of that material is in my documentary Music By The Pound. I’m screening it July 19 at FreakBeat Records in Sherman Oaks. Email me if you’re around SoCal at that time & I’ll save you a spot. Sorry I could not be of more help. Best of luck, Jerold Kress.

    1. Hi Phil, Music By The Pound may eventually be online but currently it is unavailable except at occasional public screenings. I hope to have a screening soon in Los Angeles. Thanks for your interest, jerold kress

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